15-09 Remembering Benzion:

Many years have passed since the premature death of a Melbourne Betari, Benzion  Eisikovich. His sister Varda gives us some background about Benzion.
"Benzion was in Israel with his wife and five children.  It was while he was in Israel that it was detected  that he had brain tumour.  He died September 15,1993 at the age of 53 in Melbourne after approx. 24 years  (of) suffering from  (the) repeated growth of the brain tumour.  He left behind three sons and two daughters.".
Thank you, Varda, for providing this information which may have been unknown for many of us.
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15-08   Article by John Goldlust:

'A Case Study in Cultural Amnesia' was recently researched and published by John. It's full title:
"A Different Silence: The Survival Of More Than 200,000 Polish Jews In The Soviet Union During World War III As A Case Study In Cultural Amnesia"
can be downloaded from here:  A Different Silence.pdf.

(The article is a .pdf file and you will need Adobe Acrobat to read it.)

15-07 Survivors' Get Together in Israel:

Peter Keeda writes: "At one of our regular survivors’ dinners In April 2014, it was decided that we would have a dinner in Israel in April 2015. The usual format is men-only but for this special occasion spouses were also invited. We did not regret it … The wheels were set in motion and, lo and behold, on 18 April 2015 there was a gathering in Tel Aviv at Fitzroy (in the Gordon Hotel) for a sumptuous evening meal overlooking the Tel Aviv shoreline. Read the entire article Survivors Get Together in Israel.
(The article is a .pdf file and you will need Adobe Acrobat to read it.)

15-05 Some photos from Jessey:

Jessey Palumbo (Rosmarin) recently visited Oz. She has posted some of them
here. During her time there she attended John Goldlust's 70th birthday celebration. Happy birthday, John.

15-04 Aussie Betar Get-Together:

Twenty old mates from Down Under gathered at the Goldstein's  beautiful & spacious home for a delicious lunch, conviviality & a wonderful afternoon. Solly entertained us with his more than proficient playing of music by the maestros on his beautiful grand piano. And we enjoyed being together & seeing old mates immensely. Everyone looked happy & well, which was good to see. After a scrumptious Arvo-tea, we made our farewells & Miriam promised she'd have the next "Get- Together" in August!!"

From Miriam: "Great to be with you all guys, hope we'll have a "get-together" at my home in August, sometime between 15th to 25th, I'll be in touch on my return to Israel. Bye for now & have a happy & healthy two months, love Miriam."
See Miriam Briggs' photo album:
Aussie Betar Get-Together at the home of Rosalie & Solly Goldstein in Hod HaSharon--23/5/2015.


15-06 Photos requested:

Mervyn Doobov is requesting help from anyone who has specific photos of his late wife Sue (Gans). Here is an extract:
"My late wife, whose name was then Suzanne Gans, attended the Machon in 1961, in the South Machzor (she was from Brisbane, Australia). She was in Israel from February 1961 to end-September (as she had to return home to her dying father).
I would like to find some photos of her during that period as I am putting together some papers for our children and grand-children about that part of her life. I have only one such picture (a not very good one).
[Another Machonik of the time was Maisie from South Africa - her family name may have been Lofter].
- Mervyn Doobov."

15-03 Bob Sitsky book:

Bob and Larry Sitsky were  born and grew up in Harbin, China. Bob's book details his family's travels and history which he published specifically for his and Larry's grandchildren and the generations that follow. Included is their history with Betar and are many photos both of their family and the Betar membership.
He has made is work available at no charge to those interested. Use the link to download the complete text.Growing Up in Tientsin, Complete Text (28.8 MB).
From Bob: "However, you may prefer to use this link : Growing up in Tientsin.

[The above] is a Jewish-Genealogy/Harbin website which covers Jews who lived in the north of China. I have written the book primarily for the family - it was never my intention to make $ out of it. I only have printed 50 hard copies - mainly for the family + those people who lived in Tientsin. So I only have a few copies left for people to buy - the cost is $40 plus postage (which would be around $30 to USA or Europe).

15-02 Rodney Gouttman book:

Rodney recently published a new book entitled: ‘In Their Merit - Australian Jewry and WWI’ which delves deep into Australian Jewry’s role during World War I. See the review and purchasing options here.

15-01 Deaths reported:

Two Betarim have passed in the last few months. Alexander Lenko died on November 2, 2014 aged 66 years. Max Wekselman passed on December 4, 2014 aged 67 years.
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15-10 Remembering Jules Wynhausen:

Jules passed away six years ago. Very much missed. The photo is from a Betar show we put about 50 years ago.  left-to-right: David Golomb, Eve Harkaway, Jules Wynhausen and Mick Sernik.

-Peter Keeda.
 David Golomb, Eve Harkaway, Jules Wynhausen and Mick Sernik.
David Golomb, Eve Harkaway, Jules Wynhausen and Mick Sernik.
15-11 More photos added to our memories:

Thanks to Miriam and Henry Briggs, Keith Masnick, Liz Kornhaber, Noni Gordon and Flapper Bomzon and others for their contributions to The Past in the past few weeks. Their entries appear in the respective years and the photos taken in the seventies and forward all appear in 1996 & ON.

15-12 Betar buddies at Judy Behar's home:

Thanks to Miriam for these shots taken at the home of Judy Nehar on July 5, 2015. See the photos here.

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